Lots of love needed for our newest rescue!

We’d like to ask a favour! It would be wonderful if you, all of our lovely friends and fans, could cross your fingers and toes for a very special rescue that arrived at Oreo and Friends HQ recently.

Story time! Just over a week ago, some people at a farm were approached by a male red fox. He came to them willingly and unafraid, and even licked their hands and boots! Spotting that the little guy was thin, stiff and quite badly injured, those kind people offered him food and decided to do everything they could to help him. They went through the usual channels, but it appeared nobody was willing to help them with the poor chap! Luckily they had already heard of Oreo and Friends, so they gave us a call! Obviously we couldn’t resist, and just like that we’d acquired a fully grown male fox!

This fox is truly an unbelievable animal. It’s extremely likely that he was once someone’s beloved pet, as he’s incredibly tame. He displays nothing but affection for humans – he’s gentle, loving and even climbs into your lap of his own accord. What’s truly amazing is that he behaves this way in spite of some pretty nasty injuries which must be very painful for him. The poor fellow has severe leg and mouth injuries which are going to need a lot of time and care to heal, yet he allows himself to be poked, prodded and medicated with no protest. He has scars and old injuries that suggest that he’s had a very hard time in the wild, yet it doesn’t seem to have made him distrustful or nasty at all. He’s such an inspiring animal, in fact, that one of the vet nurses that helped treat his injuries suggested we name him ‘Kitchi’, which means ‘brave’. We thought it seemed very fitting, so we call him ‘Kit’ for short.

Right now, we don’t know what the future holds for Kit. He has an awful lot of healing to do, so is far too frail for release to be an option at the moment – though thankfully he seems to be getting stronger day by day. Sadly, he doesn’t have a microchip, so if he does have worried owners somewhere out there, we have no way of contacting them. All we can do is care for Kit, give him a place to stay with lots of love, and help him to heal, while continuing to assess his situation.

We’d like to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone at Spire Vets, who have done so much to help! We’d also like to thank the lovely people that found Kit and alerted us – goodness knows what would have happened to him had they not intervened. They’re obviously very caring people, and continue to keep in touch and follow his progress.

So please, send us all the love you can spare! Kit is a truly brave and inspiring boy, and we so want to see him get fit and healthy so he can start the next chapter of his life! We’ve included a few photos below so that you can put a face to the name. Click any of the pictures for a larger version!







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