Fingers crossed for our newest baby!

Say hello to our latest little rescue project, Sprout the pygmy hedgehog! This little guy was the only surviving baby out of his litter of little hogs – the others were sadly killed by his mother.

Around a month ago, when he came into the world, he weighed a teeny weeny nine grams! Baby pygmy hedgehogs are notoriously fragile, and have quite a low success rate when it comes to hand rearing, so it really was very touch and go with Sprout for a while! He had to be confined to an incubator and fed every two hours to give him the best chance of survival.

So far, all our work seems to be paying off and Sprout is doing fantastically well. He’s still not out of the woods yet, but his weight has ballooned to a much healthier 40g and he’s eating for England! We’d love for all of our friends and fans to keep their fingers crossed for little Sprout, and he’ll do his best to keep fighting!

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