Rodney the pony

And now for something completely different! Oreo may believe that he’s the biggest star in the Oreo and Friends ranks, but if we’re talking about height then Rodney the pony definitely takes that title! Rodney is a Shetland pony, and at 36 inches tall he certainly towers over the rest of our critters – even if he is still quite small for a pony!

Rodney is still quite young, too – he’s only two years old at the moment, and ponies like him can live for up to thirty years! He’s simply gorgeous, and his temperament is typical of Shetland ponies – he’s sweet, gentle, easygoing and loves people. He also adores attention, which as we all know is a must-have trait for any Oreo and Friends team member! Being brushed is a particular favourite of his, because how else is he going to keep that thick mane and heavy coat in tip-top condition? Personal grooming is very important to Rodney – he likes to make a good first impression, you know!

Obviously, because of his size and the fact that his needs are very different, Rodney won’t be attending the same encounters as most of our other animals. So if you were wondering how on earth you were going to fit a pony into your living room, you can stop worrying! Rodney is only suitable for larger, outdoor events and, garden space permitting, for pony care encounters. Pony care encounters are part of a brand new venture for Oreo and Friends that we’re very excited about – though its still only in the very early stages. They involve giving young people the chance to learn about all different aspects of pony care – with the help of Rodney, who is more than happy to ‘teach’ children how to perform activities like feeding and brushing him! Those that excel at caring for Rodney might even earn themselves a special Junior Animal Care certificate! Feel free to contact us for more information if you think you might be interested in a pony care encounter!

We so pleased with how well Rodney has settled in, and he’s very excited to meet some new friends and teach them about pony care. Now, if we could just figure out how to stop Oreo from referring to him as his ‘official steed’…