A little announcement for fans of Bertie.

We’re well aware that Bertie the coati has quite the following (and no wonder – he is amazing!) so we just wanted to make a little announcement for any Bertie fans that may have noticed that his page no longer appears on the website.

Don’t worry – he’s fine! However, after much deliberation, we’ve made the tough decision to retire him from our encounters. Bertie has always been very popular, but he’s now grown enormously big – even for a coati! His strength is astounding, and even though he would never hurt a fly, he’s still as energetic and boisterous as he was as a baby – so you can imagine the chaos he’s capable of causing now! (Plus he’s developed quite a fondness for birthday cake, which doesn’t help matters!) Our big man now has so much energy in him that we worry that the encounters, particularly the travelling part, may sometimes feel a little restrictive to him, and we simply have to put his needs first.

All in all, we feel that it’s fairer to Bert if we keep him back here at Oreo and Friends HQ, where he has the space to expel all that energy as much as he needs to. Yes, he did always love the attention he got from the guests at our encounters, but don’t worry – he’ll be getting all the love he could ever want from us! Plus we’re sure that, together with his best friend Mabel the coati, he’ll find plenty of chaos at home to keep us all on our toes throughout his retirement years!

We’d just like to say thank you to everyone that’s ever helped to make Bertie’s encounter experiences fun for him – he’s had a blast, and he hopes he’s managed to teach people a thing or two about coatis along the way!

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