We want your Oreo and Friends fanart!

Here at Oreo and Friends, we’ve all been absolutely floored by all the amazing fan art people have been sending us lately – especially since the release of Guardians of the Galaxy! There are some truly talented artists out there that are immortalising our animals in some really creative ways – like the great painting below, sent to us by Elise! In fact, we’re so impressed that we’re thinking of dedicating a page here on our website to your fabulous creations!

So, if you’ve got some art of our animals that you’d like to share (or maybe you’d like to create something just for the occasion!) then feel free to get in touch and we’ll display your work for all to see! You can post your creations on our facebook page, or you can tweet us, or you can email us at fanart@oreoandfriends.co.uk. Oreo is very excited about all the works of art being created in his honour!

Elise Nguyễn

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