Tonight’s the night – Oreo walks the red carpet!

The big day has finally arrived! Today is the European premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy, and Oreo the raccoon is on his way to London as we speak!

As the real-life model for Rocket Raccoon, our little man been invited by director James Gunn to walk the red carpet with the stars of the movie! Luckily Oreo has grown well accustomed to large, noisy crowds over the years, but he’ll have Sallie, John and his human sister Chloe with him to look after him just in case.

He’s very excited about his biggest event to date, and just as excited about the fact that he’ll be getting his own hotel suite (though not his own personal hair and makeup stylist – we can’t be expected to meet all his demands).

So, be sure to keep a look out for some very special photos and videos emerging all over the internet in a few hours – we’re sure he’s going to be quite the talk of the town!

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