Timone on the set of Guardians!

Here at Oreo and Friends we’re getting very excited for the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, the awesome new Marvel movie from director James Gunn. Not least because our very own Oreo served as the real life model for the character of Rocket Raccoon! James Gunn isn’t helping our excitement level either – check out this fantastic image of our meerkat Timone he posted today!


In his accompanying post, James said:

“My little meerkat pal Timone and I stealing a shot on Ronan’s throne. Timone would visit me on set and hang on my shoulder all day while I directed (as long as anyone didn’t get too close – if they would try to touch me he’d protect me by snapping at them).”

Too true – once Timone gets attached to someone (and he really, really took a shine to James!) he can get quite protective! This photo was taken during our visit to the Guardians of the Galaxy set, which was an incredibly exciting day for both humans and animals alike. We’re so grateful to James and everyone involved for granting us that experience, and for being so kind and welcoming towards our animals. We can’t wait for the release of Guardians in a few weeks!

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