Testimonials – page 5

“Scarlett loved all the animals, thank you so much!”

Scarlett, age 19 months


“Fantastic animals, everyone had a wonderful time and Dylan will be talking about it for months! Thank you.”

Dylan’s 7th birthday party


“I loved the animals, thank you for letting us see them.”

Eden, age 12


““Loving it – best party ever!” All the animals were great and the handlers were very interesting, explaining all about the different animals – excellent!”

Josh’s 14th birthday party


“I loved the lizard, I now want one for my birthday. Thanks!”

Katherine, age 10


“Well done – really helpful and enjoyable for the children and adults.”



“This was the best birthday surprise ever. The handlers were amazing and full of interesting facts. Thank you for a fantastic experience.”

Beth’s 16th birthday party


“Thank you for sharing your friends with us – never seen them so close before!”



“What a fantastic time all the children had! Everyone had fun – I would recommend this to everyone. Thank you so much.”

Roegans’s 7th birthday party


“Lovely experience – thank you!”

Jessica, age 3


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