Testimonials – page 4

“Amazing! The best party ever – all the guests loved it and the animals were brilliant. Thank you so much.”

Georgina’s 11th birthday party


“Thank you for the hold of the ferret, and I loved the meerkats. Fantastic experience!”



“Thank you for bringing your beautiful animals – my children were thrilled to see them!”



“Amazing! Thank you so much!”



“Thank you so much! Totally awesome party experience. The animals were fantastic, so well behaved (unlike the children!) Will recommend you to everyone. Gabriel will certainly never forget his 5th birthday. Thank you all.”

Gabriel’s 5th birthday party


“Lovely animals, thank you!”



“Absolutely brilliant! Thank you very much for making it a fantastic (and informative) party. Will definitely recommend to friends.”

Isabelle’s 7th and Henry’s 4th birthday party


“Thank you so much for letting people hold all the fuzzies!”

Elliot, age 10


“This has been the best birthday surprise ever. Even though I’m 21 I really couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. Most people on their 21st get a stripper, but this is much better! You have been so helpful with all our questions and I just can’t thank you enough.”

Mercia’s 21st birthday party


“Loved the meerkats!”

Zach, age 5


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