Testimonials – page 11

“Thank you so much for making Lewis’ birthday a fantastic day to remember: best party by far! The children and adults all had a wonderful time and we would certainly love to see you all again.”

Karen, via facebook page


“I just want to say thanks for bringing all your fantastic animals to Laura’s birthday party on Friday! It was absolutely amazing! The children loved it and the adults were equally thrilled by the experience! Worth every penny and I will definitely be booking you again! I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting something special. Many thanks.”

Sara, via facebook page


“Thank you so much for making the long journey down to Swindon today for James’ party – an absolutely fantastic time was had by all. Going through the photos and all I can see are fascinated children, not a single bored or stroppy look on the edge of frame. I could not have asked for a better event for the children (and many of the adults). See you again next year for Oliver’s birthday.”

Mark, via facebook page


“Just wanted to say another massive thank you for a wonderful afternoon. We’re all still buzzing from meeting Oreo and all of his friends. Look forward to seeing him in his starring role next year.”

Jo, via facebook page


“Alyssa and her friends had an amazing time at her birthday party yesterday! They loved all the animals and they were so well behaved! (I mean the kids, because the animals are always well behaved!)”

Laura, via facebook page


“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful evening you did for us for my cousins Hen ‘do’! We all had a really wonderful time and loved meeting all of your lovely animals (and you both too!). I couldn’t have asked for more, it was a very special evening and I have been recommending you to everyone! Hope to have you down again at some point. Thanks again.”

Zoe, via facebook page


“Wow, what an encounter! Sally, John and all their friends were simply amazing. For my daughter’s 5th birthday, she and her friends got to learn all about and stroke, handle and even feed the wonderful animals. All the animals were so friendly and tame; they clearly loved the encounter too. Thank you so, so much S & J, we all had such a great time.”

Liz, via facebook page


“Kitty and Eddie had a wonderful party today, thank you. After you left all the children were role playing as all the different animals. They happily went to bed still talking about them.”

Natalie, via facebook page


“Thank you for an amazing 13th Birthday party. It’s an experience I don’t think any of us will ever forget.”

Amanda, via facebook page


“Thank you Oreo and friends for coming to Riven’s party today. All children had a wonderful time, and the parents enjoyed it even more I think!”

Natasha, via facebook page


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