“We have followed Oreo and Mimi as they have grown up from being just a few weeks old. It is always a pleasure seeing them and how wonderfully cared for all the animals are.”

Sharon, Lauren and Luke


“A great afternoon enjoyed by everyone. Lots of requests for another visit. Thank you so much.”

The Brickmakers Arms


“Brilliant to see these wonderful animals.”

Trevor and Vicki


““This is the best birthday party ever!” Thank you very much, they had a fantastic time.”

Alexy’s 8th birthday party


“What can I say? Brilliant – please come back! Oreo is a star! Thank you so much.”

The White Horse Inn


“Fantastic, original, adorable and engaging. It held the kid’s attention and made for a very easy party. The animals were great and the handlers just as lovely! Thank you so much for making Bella’s dream come true.”

Isabella’s 5th birthday party


“Thank you for making our day so special. The children and staff loved it.”

Lynda Ellis Nursery


“Absolutely fantastic, it was amazing to hold and find out more about these animals!”

Sarana and Liam


“One of the best parties we have ever had. The animals were adorable and the staff were really kind and gave the children lots of information. I’d recommend Oreo and Friends to anybody.”

Pearce’s 8th birthday party


“Loved the raccoons and the tiny mice, they were so cute!”

Megan, age 9

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