Soori the meerkat goes viral!

We’ve always loved uploading silly videos of our animals to our YouTube channel – and up until now they only seem to have been for the loyal fans of Oreo and Friends to enjoy! But it just so happens that our latest video exploded in popularity overnight, and is now being enjoyed by thousands of people across the globe! Perhaps you’ve even seen it already!

Soori is a meerkat that joined the Oreo and Friends family recently as we made an attempt to establish a second meerkat mob to include our special rescue case, Timone. Soori was spending some time out of his enclosure when we filmed the adorable video of him dropping off to sleep as he struggled to keep his head up. Within a few hours of uploading the video, it had had thousands upon thousands of views, and was being shared all over the world! Since then, it’s even appeared on Good Morning America and Fox News! It seems that everyone is falling in love with our little Soori – needless to say, Oreo couldn’t be more jealous!

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is! You can also visit our channel to subscribe or watch our other videos!

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