Our youtube channel, reorganised!

We’ve just updated the Oreo and Friends youtube channel to youtube’s new design (we figured we may as well get it over with, and as channels will be changed over to the new look in March!) and decided that the way our videos were arranged didn’t lend themselves very well to the new layout. It was difficult to find anything! To try and remedy that somewhat, we’ve organised our videos into various playlists to make things a bit easier to navigate.

If you navigate to the bottom right corner of our feature page you’ll see a list of playlists – just click on one to get started! For example, you’ll see that all the videos featuring our raccoons can now be found grouped together in a playlist, and we’ve done the same thing for a few of our other more popular animals. We’ve only set up a few to start with, but as our channel continues to grow, we’ll be adding more. Have fun!

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