Oreo reunites with James Gunn at the Guardians premiere!

Well, what a night! Our little man did it – he walked the red (well, technically it was blue!) carpet at the UK Guardians of the Galaxy premiere and captured the hearts of so many people – not only those at the event, but countless people all over the internet as well!

Oreo was a complete angel throughout; we really couldn’t be more proud of him. He wasn’t in the least bit phased by the crowd, the noise, or the flashing cameras – he was just his normal, lovable self. He lapped up the attention in true Oreo style!

Not only did the crowd go wild for him, but when director James Gunn took to the carpet he and Oreo had a touching reunion! Oreo obviously remembered James and hopped onto his shoulder for a cuddle straight away – much to our excitement and the delight of the crowd! He walked the carpet on the shoulders of the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, and just like that, Oreo became a superstar! Rocket would be proud!

We’re planning on updating the website with lots and lots of photos from the big night, though you can get a sneak peak over at our facebook page if you’re so inclined! For now, we’ll leave you with this video of the moment Oreo and James Gunn reunited!

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