Oreo and Friends on CBBC!

Some of you may have seen some familiar faces on your television screens a couple of weeks ago! We were thrilled to be invited to appear on CBBC’s Wild to do a segment on raccoons!

You’d probably expect to see Oreo strutting his stuff in front of the cameras, wouldn’t you? But in actual fact, Oreo was unavailable that day due to prior engagement (I know – securing an appointment with that superstar diva is a nightmare these days! Just joking, in reality he was at a charity event raising money for a very poorly little boy! You can read more about him here in our last post.) so in the end his young protégé Boofy stepped in and took centre stage!

We were a little unsure of how little Boofy would react to the whole thing, as he’s obviously younger and less experienced than Oreo and isn’t used to being in front of the cameras like Oreo is! We needn’t have worried though – he was an absolute star! Despite the fact that the show was being filmed live, the whole thing went off without a hitch, and our little up-and-comer was an angel! Looks like Oreo has some serious competition for the role of number one raccoon starlet!

If you like, you can watch us on the show for a limited time at this link over on BBC iPlayer!




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