Oreo does his bit for Hounds for Heroes

Here at Oreo and Friends we were happy to get involved with National Veterinary Nursing Awareness month! A few of our local veterinary nurses organised a great fund raising event to raise money both for Hounds for Heroes and the Lassie Animal Sanctuary in Malaysia, and Oreo was invited along as a special guest. Among other fun activities and competitions, the event included a walk for dogs – who were of course encouraged to bring their owners along! Oreo, the raccoon who inspired (and let’s face it, pretty much runs) our company lead the walk himself, and even allowed our youngest raccoon, Biggles, to share his limelight. A great amount of money was raised for charity and much fun was had. Thanks for inviting us along, guys!

Feel free to read the covering article from the official Hounds for Heroes website by clicking here!

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