New bits and bobs!

Just a couple of little announcements! We’ve been squirrelling away on the website recently and have made a few changes. The animal pages have been updated and revamped a little with larger photos that are easier to see and admire! We’ve also made our various social media outlets a little easier for you to find, so that you can see yet more photos and videos, and keep up to date with all the latest animal news.

There’s also a few new additions to the animal pages, most notably Phoebe the palm civet and Rodney the Shetland pony! Look out for Phoebe showing her adorable little face at our encounters, and watch this space for details on our new pony care encounters, featuring Rodney! In the meantime feel free to check out their shiny new pages and learn all about them.

Before we go, we’d also like to share this wonderful video with you, featuring Obi the kinkajou and our very own Chloe. We think it’s just too cute for words, feel free to share if you agree, and subscribe using the YouTube button in the sidebar!

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