Are you ready for your adventure?

Hey there, Oreo fan! You’re here because you’ve been specially chosen to help Oreo with a very important adventure! Are you up to the challenge?

So what’s the story behind “Oreo and the Mystery of the Missing Breakfast?” Well, to cut a long story short – Oreo has lost his breakfast! As we all know, being hungry is very bad news for a raccoon (especially one as greedy as Oreo) so it’s up to you to reunite our boy with his beloved missing meal!

As you go through the story, you’ll be able to choose from a number of different options to make the story go the way you want. On each page, simply decide what you want Oreo to do next, and click on the corresponding button to move on!

Okay, adventurer! Oreo’s tummy is in your hands! When you’re ready, just click on the button below to begin. Good luck!