Oreo and the mystery of the missing breakfast

Oreo had just woken up, and he was hungry. In fact, he was absolutely starving. Famished, even!
The sun was only just starting to peep over the trees, but that didn’t matter to Oreo – for him, the first sign of daylight meant one thing: breakfast time!
But where was his breakfast? Where were the humans, and why weren’t they bringing him his first tasty meal of the day, as he’d ordered? Surely he couldn’t be expected to get his own breakfast? A raccoon of his stature?
Oreo started to panic. He hadn’t eaten a thing since his midnight snack! His tummy rumbled loudly. There was nothing for it – he simply had to find out what had happened to his breakfast, before he wasted away into nothing!
Oreo decided that a good place to start would be to question the other raccoons. Some of them were awake already, and were ambling around in different areas of the enclosure.

But which raccoon should he talk to first?