Guardians of the Galaxy released today!

Today’s the today – Guardians of the Galaxy has been offically released in the UK! We’ll be seeing it in our local cinema today, of course, and urge all of you guys to do the same! This is a truly action-packed, funny, moving, incredible movie, and we’ll be first in line tonight to show our support for James Gunn, the fabulous director, and of course for Oreo!

It’s been so incredible for us to have been involved with this movie, even if it’s only in a small way. We just know it’s very quickly going to become a timeless classic!

To coincide with the UK release, we’ve created a brand new page here on the site devoted to our Guardians of the Galaxy experience – so now you can read all about how Oreo fell in love with James Gunn, and of course our very exciting trip to the Euro premiere! Click here to read all about it!

Okay, we’re going to get back to gearing up for the movie event of the year – hope you guys enjoy the movie as much as us!

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