The tortoises

Our troop of tortoises currently includes:

Leopard tortoise
Sulcata tortoise

Have you been living life in the fast lane? Ever feel like the days are flying by too quickly? Perhaps we should all consider taking a leaf out of the tortoise’s book, and slowing things down a little! It has to be said, our little band of tortoises certainly do have a calming influence on us all here at Oreo and Friends.

Our more boisterous animals, like our spirited raccoons and coatis, aren’t for everyone. Perhaps you prefer the more relaxed, chilled out pace of the tortoises instead! If you take the time to get to know them, they can be so rewarding! And after all, tortoises do have lots of time, don’t they – given that they can live to be a hundred years old!

What a life they live – pottering about, enjoying the scenery, munching on the odd bit of grass and fresh veg! It must be lovely! And wouldn’t it be great to have a nice, cosy shell to retreat to when everything gets a bit much? Tortoises have it great – no wonder they’re so relaxed all the time!

Needless to say, our tortoises are always consistently popular at our encounters. They’re always happy to meet everyone, and are content to sit in your lap or stroll around while you admire the attractive markings on their lovely shells. Our guests love them!

It’s important to remember though, that just because tortoises live life at a slower pace, that doesn’t make them boring! Believe it or not, tortoises are actually pretty interesting! For instance, did you know that even though tortoises seem to spend an awful lot of time eating, they don’t actually have any teeth? Or how about the fact that a tortoise’s super tough shell is made up of dozens of little bones?

Tortoises have been very popular as domestic pets for a long time, and it’s true that they do make great additions to your family! However, always consider the fact that tortoises often live longer than humans do, so you’d have to be prepared to commit to providing care for your pet for what could be an awfully long time. Or if you prefer, you could just make friends with one of our tortoises at one of our encounters instead. Tortoises might be slow, but that didn’t affect how quickly we fell in love with them!