Dylan the skunk

Our little skunk family is one of the most beloved aspects of our encounters! It’s true that some people are wary of them at first, as we all know that skunks are famous for the foul smelling spray they use to ward off predators in the wild.

Well, we can assure you that you won’t get a nasty surprise like that from Dylan – in fact, we think that skunks have a pretty unfair reputation! Skunks are actually very reluctant to use their ‘offensive weapon’, and it takes an awful lot to make them do so – a skunk would have to really, really fear for its life to even think about using it! Needless to say, we would never allow our skunks to be in a situation where they became anywhere near that frightened! What’s more, these amazing little creatures are actually far more calm and chilled out than you might imagine.

In fact, we find that our guests are often very surprised by just how sweet and friendly our skunks are. In fact, they’re probably the most relaxed animals we own! Once Dylan has settled into your arms for a cuddle, that’s it – he’ll snuggle up there all day if you let him! (And if your arms can take the strain!) Just watch out for his long, sharp claws which skunks use to dig around in the ground for food like grubs and worms – all skunks are incredibly strong diggers and have even been known to dig through concrete! Don’t worry though, our skunks wouldn’t dream of scratching you on purpose; they’re as gentle as can be. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to meet these guys at one of our encounters, you’ll notice that they tend to quickly become very popular among our guests! That’s because it’s obvious to everyone just how much these guys relish all that attention and all those cuddles. It really is a rewarding feeling to snuggle up to a skunk, and feel him happily nuzzle his nose into your neck as though he’s cuddling you right back

All of our skunks are fantastic little animals, and love to spend their time playing together and foraging for creepy crawlies in their specially customised home. Dylan has even struck up a rather unorthodox friendship with one of our raccoons, Harvey, and loves to roll around with him, too! Skunks are truly some of the most remarkable and rewarding animals we’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with – if you’d like to spend time with them too, head over to our contact page!