The creepy crawlies

Our creepy crawly clan currently includes:

Giant African land snails
Stick insects

Slimy bits, tickling feelers and lots of scurrying legs! There are many phrases you could use to describe our host of creepy crawly creatures, and admittedly, most of them are more likely to send a shiver down your spine than make you want to get up close and personal with these little guys! We’re well aware that our creepy crawlies aren’t to everyone’s taste, but they’re actually a very important part of our team and have a lot to offer!

Let’s not forget that while some of our creepies might be a little scary to look at, they’re still living creatures and can’t help how they look – never judge a book by its cover! If you give them a chance, you might just discover that our creepy crawly family are nowhere near as frightening as they might seem at first glance.

In fact, that’s pretty much the main role of our creepy crawlies here at Oreo and Friends – they help some of our guests to overcome their phobias! For example, do you have a phobia of spiders? You certainly wouldn’t be the only one! Well, it might sound strange, but for many people, working up the courage to hold a tarantula can actually go some way towards helping them to overcome their fear!

We can just see you shaking your head! But would you believe that our creepy crawlies often end up being the stars of our encounters? (Shh, don’t tell Oreo!) Almost every one of our visits includes a few guests that have awful fears of spiders, and it’s wonderful to see the looks of pride on their faces as they hold a tarantula for the first time! And the funny thing is, once one person has bitten the bullet, we usually end up with a long queue of excited guests desperate to be next! It seems everybody wants to be able to say “I held a tarantula today!”

So remember, our creepy crawlies might not be quite as cute, furry or cuddly as the rest of our menagerie, but if you give them a chance, they just might surprise you!