Pika the fennec fox

I’m sure that by now you’ve admired photos of Pika, our resident fennec fox. Isn’t he beautiful? Wouldn’t you agree that he’s completely adorable? Well, try telling him that!

You see, despite the fact that we think Pika is gorgeous (he’s the cutest thing since…well…Oreo!) our little fennec can sometimes be a little self conscious. The problem is that for some reason, Pika is under the impression that his ears are a little too big.

Poor old Pika! He really does get rather embarrassed about it. We can’t imagine who would be naughty enough to tease him about his ears (well, that’s not strictly true – we know full well that it was Oreo. That silly raccoon has been jealous of Pika since day one!) but he does get quite down about it sometimes. We’ve tried to tell him time and time again that his ears make him look distinguished and handsome, but the poor little guy is too modest to believe us.

What our little fennec needs is a boost of self confidence! So, if you don’t mind, we’d like to ask for your help. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet Pika at one of our encounters, would you do us a favour and tell him how fantastic his ears are? Because the thing is, they really are fantastic! Did you know that in the wild, fennec foxes use those ears to stay nice and cool in their hot desert habitats? Also, because of those big old ears, the hearing of a fennec fox is sensitive enough to hear its prey moving under the ground beneath its feet! Pretty cool, don’t you think? Perhaps one day, if Pika gets enough compliments on his ears, he might start to appreciate them!

Anyway, despite his insecurity, Pika is a really sweet, friendly little guy. He’s as cuddlesome as they come, and everyone who meets him falls head over heels in love with him! And do you know what? We bet that, when you get to meet him, your favourite thing about him will be those big, beautiful ears!