Betty the coati

What a character! From the moment you meet Betty, you’ll see that this little girl has enough personality for all our animals put together! That’s because our Betty is a coati – a species known for their energy and charm. Coatis are actually distantly related to raccoons, so it’s unsurprising that Betty and Oreo share a lot of the same traits – namely that they’re both extremely intelligent, and they both have a knack for causing mischief!

Of course, it can’t be denied that Betty’s most distinguishing feature is her long pointy nose, which coati’s mainly use for rooting out food – although Betty mostly seems to use hers for rooting around in people’s ears! Coati’s are also known for the sweet chirping noise they make – Betty actually sounds a lot like Otto the kinkajou!

Betty has bags of energy, but she’s also one of the kindest and gentlest souls you could ever hope to meet. Coati’s sometimes go by another name – ‘snookum bears’ – and we often think that fits Betty perfectly! After a long day of playing, Betty loves nothing more than to snuggle up under your neck and nuzzle you for a while. For such a little girl, she really does have a lot of love to give!

Some of Betty’s favourite things include cuddling, climbing (coatis are truly amazing climbers and jumpers, and Betty is constantly entertaining us with her acrobatics!) and of course, fruit, fruit and more fruit! Betty gets extremely excited about her fruit when it comes to dinnertime, and loves to roll around in the stuff and get it all over herself. Her sticky fruit paws have become infamous! This doesn’t seem to bother Violet, Betty’s sister, though – in fact, they seem to love covering one another in fruity goo!

Our Betty absolutely loves meeting new people, and so will be allowed to attend select encounters while she’s young – but it may be only for a limited time! Although coatis can remain very sweet as they grow into adulthood, they also become very rambunctious, and very, very strong! We’ll see how she goes as she grows up – she may remain calm, but if, when she’s big, encounters become restrictive or frustrating for her, then she’ll be happier remaining at home with Violet from then on. We hope you understand – our animals always come first!