Media hiring

Anyone that knows Oreo and his friends will tell you that if there’s one thing our animals love, it’s attention! So, if you work in the media and find yourself in need of of a few paws to help you out, they’d be more than happy to help.

Not only are our animals breathtakingly beautiful (Oreo’s words) they’re also tame, responsive and have piles of personality. Many of them are also fairly experienced in working with the media already – they have television, photo shoots, radio, and even movie work under their belts!

As you may have already suspected, Oreo the raccoon is by far our most frequently requested animal. His devilishly good looks and heart-melting personality have earned him an impressive amount of media attention for such a small raccoon! He’d already been interviewed on both television and radio before he was even a year old! And you can only imagine the star treatment he expected when he was chosen to be the cover star of Ben Fogle’s book, The Accidental Naturalist! We’re never going to hear the end of that one.

Oreo may be getting a bit big for his little raccoon boots, but we have to admit that we were incredibly proud of him when he was chosen to work on the Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy! The director, the fantastic James Gunn, chose Oreo to be the model for the character of Rocket Raccoon, and we’re so grateful to him for inviting both Oreo and us into his world. Feel free to read more about out movie experience over at our Guardians of the Galaxy page if you like! We can’t even imagine where Oreo might be headed next!

Of course, that isn’t to say that our other animals don’t have a great deal to offer, too! Loads of our animals have gotten involved with photo shoots at leading photography companies like Canon and Jessops, and our spiders have even done television work on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model! Our animals aren’t in it for the fame (except Oreo, obviously. He’s already asking for his own personal trailer) but so far they’ve received nothing but positive reviews for good behaviour!

So, if you think our animals might be able to lend you a hand, then we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Obviously, the welfare of our brood always comes first, and we’ll need your co-operation to keep them safe and as calm as possible in what may be a hectic environment. That’s why it’d be really helpful if you could provide us with as much information as possible when making your enquiry, so that we and the animals have some idea what to expect. Thank you for your interest!