Large events

Are you involved with organising a large event, and think that Oreo and Friends might be a great addition to the proceedings? We’d love to help! Anyone that knows us will vouch for the fact that Oreo is no stranger to big events – we’ve been involved with all sorts over the years! While it’s true that intimate settings have their merits, many of our animals are of the mind that more people equals more cuddles!

As well as giving our animals a chance to be showered with the attention they love, these kinds of events also give us the opportunity to educate people on exotic animal care on a larger scale, which is great! We’ve attended a great number of carnivals, fetes, galas and festivals, where Oreo has spent many happy hours basking in the attention of many happy guests! We also regularly get involved with corporate events, where we’ve hosted or attended open days aimed at attracting custom to all kinds of venues and businesses. We’ve even gotten stuck into seasonal events – like our creepy crawly themed Halloween event that went down a storm last year!

Over the years we’ve also gotten to know the exotic animal community pretty well, and are always honoured when we get invited to animal awareness events or society meetups! We love any opportunity to help spread the message on proper exotic animal care, and to spend time with like-minded people and fellow animal lovers! While it’s true that Oreo does sometimes get a little jealous when he isn’t the only raccoon in attendance at an event, he’s made so many furry friends over the years that he’s slowly learning to share the spotlight a little!

On top of everything else, we also do our fair share of charity work. There are a number of charities that are very important to us, and we always like to do what we can to help. We’ve been involved with a great many fundraising events – many were animal-focused, some were less so. Both humans and animals love to do their bit to raise both money and awareness, and it’s fair to say that our fundraising efforts have taken many forms over the years – Oreo even got involved with a dog walk a while ago, and walked on his lead alongside the pooches to raise money for Hounds For Heroes!

Obviously, because larger events can be so varied, not all of our animals are suitable for every type of event. For instance, some animals may be less suited to wide, outdoor spaces, while some may be better suited! Others are affected by weather conditions, temperature, excessive noise or crowding, and of course, our animals’ needs are always our number one priority. We’re sure you understand if we aren’t able to bring all your favourite animals along to your event!

So, if you’ve got a big event in the works, feel free to head over to our contact page and have a chat with us about how we might be able to help. Hope to hear from you soon!